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My knees are sore and I really feel very fragile. I can’t believe this has happened. The medical doctors deny it is linked to this shot however too many people are experiencing this for it to all be a coincidence. The shot isn’t obtainable now for the second dose as they say there is just too much demand and they’ll let me know when it is my turn.
  • After the initial one the injection web site became purple and swollen and literally stayed that way for over 2 weeks.
  • What I forgot was waking up much less that 12 hours later with pain all through my entire physique, severe chills, achy everywhere and the worst headache of my life.
  • I remembered having a reasonably bad response to the first one however apparently I blocked out simply how unhealthy it was.
  • I just obtained my 2nd shot yesterday and I am regretting it immensely!

I hold questioning why it has been in such brief supply as nicely (someone else posted possibly the producer has found problems – why there may be a scarcity at present). I even have had shingles eight occasions, so I hold oral Valacyclovir, along with topical Denavir cream readily available always.

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It looks virtually like sunburn, but in a really jagged pattern. For the past four days, my toes will go numb. This alternates between left and right feet.

Never skilled that earlier than the vaccination. I had a regular check up at my physician yesterday, and he listened to my lungs, no points. No nasal drip or congestion, looks like there’s a tickle in my chest. I nonetheless really feel fully drained, no energy. I was informed that this vaccine is not “stay”, however I feel the identical as I do after I have an outbreak of shingles, solely with out blisters.

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I’m normally the first to push for getting vaccinated, but think lengthy and exhausting about this one. Nothing within the paperwork on this vaccine, or the quite a few medical doctors I’ve asked ready me for this. It’s supposedly rare to have this dangerous of a response, but after studying via these posts I wonder cbd gummies 500mg jar if the extensive number of side effects have been severely underreported. However, that was the one side effect that I experienced, I felt fine in any other case. The injection web site was beyond painful, I had chills, spiking fever, nausea, and the worst headache that I can ever remember having.

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I spent the following three days not having the power to get off the bed, alternately shivering and sweating, crushing headache, and no appetite. By the third day, I was utterly dehydrated. I did name my physician the morning after getting the shot, they usually told me to go to an urgent care facility, but I didn’t have the energy to get up and dress. I guess I would have simply been higher off if someone had advised me that the response could be this extreme, I would have made plans for it. I simply obtained my second dose of Shingrix yesterday (June 27, ’19).

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After the first dose, I skilled such ache on the injection website, that radiated into my shoulder, that it woke me up in the middle of the evening. I took some ibuprofen and was in a position to get back to sleep. For the subsequent couple of days I was headachy, had the chills, and likewise had a stomach ache. My pharmacist informed me of the attainable unwanted effects but I poo-pooed them as a result of I’ve by no means had a negative reaction to any flu shot or DPT or MMR booster. However, I was humbled by my response to the Shingrix vaccine.

I don’t know why I’m stalling on this vaccine. If it had been obtainable (I’ve been on a wait list) I most likely would have gotten the primary dose by now.

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Some have attainable allergies to the ingredients of the shot. There is no method of figuring out ahead of time, sadly.

Even so, I returned yesterday for my second dose. Yes, my arm hurts however not as badly as the first time and I slept through the evening. I am sitting on the couch now with occasional chills but I even have a blanket over my lap and it’s okay. I don’t have a headache nor the stomach upset like the primary time. I am keen to go through these temporary unwanted effects as a result of I have seen people I love endure horribly with shingles. I have a major amount of stress in my life that has been thought to reduce an individual’s immune response and make them susceptible to a shingles outbreak. For me, I determined it was definitely worth the temporary discomfort and I felt getting the Shingrix vaccine was the best alternative.

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If these symptoms persist, I probably will not get the second vaccination. I got my first Shringrix shot in August 2018.

I had the primary Shingrix shot 8/24/2018 and was sick with flu like symptoms for a number of days as well as a sore left arm . Decided to get the 2nd shot and acquired it 12/28/2018.

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I’ve heard and seen 1st hand what shingles can do to individuals and most who’ve had it say it’s by far the worst ache of their life. Some individuals even commit suicide as a result of the unending ache cbd mixed berries vegan gummies can’t be handled. Right about now I kind of wished I would have risked it. I should say I’ve by no means had this kind of reaction to any immunization or shot, ever.
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My first was administered in February ’19. I am fifty nine yrs old and think about myself to be in wonderful well being.

I just obtained my 2nd shot yesterday and I am regretting it immensely! I remembered having a fairly dangerous reaction to the 1st one however apparently I blocked out simply how bad it was. After the preliminary one the injection website became red and swollen and actually stayed that means for over 2 weeks. I mean pink like an apple and raised and super hot. What I forgot was waking up less that 12 hours later with ache all through my whole body, extreme chills, achy in all places and the worst headache of my life. Today still much less that 24 hours submit injection I can barely stand, I’m dizzy, I even have horrible chills, each joint in my body hurts and my head is excruciating!
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My arm was sore and I didn’t really feel very nicely but that each one went away in about 2 days. Then I began to note how sore my joints felt and my muscle tissue felt sore and I had aches and pains in my legs and arms. To be honest I did not instantly connect it to my Shringrix shot. It has steadily gotten worse and it’s now onerous to sleep. my arms and shoulders ache all the time. Sometimes it’s a low-degree manageable ache and generally it is incapacitating. I cannot sleep at night time and the throbbing muscle spasms in my legs wake me up all through the night time.

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I even have also reported the problem to my Dr, who was very involved and will talk about with me at my upcoming appointment in a pair weeks. I am not in opposition to vaccinations however wouldn’t suggest the Shingrix vaccine due to the extreme ache that I am nonetheless experiencing. I got the older shot for Shingles and two yrs later had shingles twice. Living Hell, felt like somebody stabbed me repeadly by way of my chest and back. So I even have gotten two of the newer shots. And that lasted three days however felt nothing apart from that. I’m sorry for all who’ve suffered from reactions to the new shot.

It was given in my left shoulder, and inside hours, my arm virtually felt paralyzed with ache. Felt like I’d been lifting weights for days. The pain stored me awake it was so intense, then all the “flu” kind signs started. The “flu” sort symptoms left after three days. My left arm still hemp products vs cbd products the real difference has sharp, stabbing ache. It’s tough to maneuver it or raise something. Now a bruise has shaped where the injection was given, and a faint but definitive flat, red rash appeared on my left arm this morning.

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I didn’t have the flu signs this time but the ache in the left arm was horrific. Unfortunately, til this present day three/thirteen/2019, I nonetheless have the ache in my left arm. I cannot sleep on my left aspect and it seems to harm worse whenever you lay down. There are times that I can’t even raise my arm to put garments on. My husband has to assist me get dressed and undressed. I was 58 when I took the shot and determined to since at age 53 I had Chicken Pox and shingles have plagued several of my family members. I actually have reported my issues to the CDC but have not been contacted again.
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I was accredited to get the Shingrix vaccination almost a yr ago, however it has been on again order from the manufacturer. Each time CVS acquired any, they had been giving it to those that had already obtained the first shot. I was lastly in a position to get my first shot on January 17, 2019.

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But I simply needed individuals reading this website to understand that not each one that has gotten the shot has suffered with severe reactions. I suppose if that have been true the medical doctors and pharmacies would be facing litigation. After affected by Shingles twice, I can say shingles is the worst thing I have ever suffered with and I cope with a very uncommon neuromuscular illness. But nonetheless Zi am sorry for all of you who’ve suffered from the shot. I’ve been reading about this vaccine and for some cause cannot persuade myself to get it… even though I actually have recognized people who have had or nonetheless suffer from shingles. I already have bouts with neuropathy, so conversant in that ache.

Author Biography: Elena Ognivtseva

Author Biography: Elena Ognivtseva

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